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Can metoprolol cause depression

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    Can metoprolol cause depression

    If you think a drug you're taking might be causing your depression, you may be right. Certain medications prescribed for various medical conditions do cause such feelings as sadness, despair, and discouragement. And those are feelings that are often associated with depression. Other medicines prescribed for medical problems can trigger mania (excessive elation and energy) that's usually associated with bipolar disorder. Medications that cause mania or depression appear to alter brain chemicals in some way. And even though the drugs may be necessary to treat the condition, the side effect is hardly acceptable. As an example, isotretinoin (Absorica, Amnesteem, Claravis, Myorisan, Zenatane), which is prescribed for the treatment of acne, has been found to also sometimes cause depression. prednisone and hair Most people experience sadness or depression sometime during their lives. Divorce, the death of a loved one, work-related problems or financial setbacks can all trigger severe depression. Once the crisis is over, though, most people recover their equilibrium. Other people, though, suffer severe depression for no apparent reason. Sometimes antidepressant medication helps, but not always. Rarely do health professionals consider the possibility that drugs they have prescribed might be causing psychological distress. On the one hand they are encouraged to “first do no harm.” But medications have the potential to cause complications. It is neither practical nor desirable to warn patients about every potential adverse reaction.

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    Does Metoprolol cause tachycardia? What is metoprolol used for? Which antibiotics cause constipation?Can Zoloft cause depression? Why does Zantac cause nausea? azithromycin dose for adults The body’s endocrine system produces hormones that regulate metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, mood, and much more. Diabetes is an example of an endocrine disease that can cause a person. About 70% of people in the United States are overweight and, in a cruel catch-22, many of the drugs used to treat obesity-linked conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression.

    Metoprolol is used to treat a number of different conditions. If you are unsure why you are taking it, speak with your doctor. Continue to take the tablets regularly unless your doctor tells you to stop. The most common side-effects are feeling tired or dizzy, feeling breathless, headache, and stomach upset. Metoprolol belongs to the group of medicines known as beta-blockers. It is a medicine which is used to treat several different medical conditions. Metoprolol slows down the activity of your heart by stopping messages sent by some nerves to your heart. It does this by blocking tiny areas (called beta-adrenergic receptors) where the messages are received by your heart. About one in five people will suffer from depression during their life. [1, 2] It is the leading cause of disease burden in North America.[3] In this page you will learn the causes, symptoms, and treatment of depression. Read how you can overcome depression and change your life. Major depressive disorder replaces previous names of clinical depression, major depression, and depression. They were different names given to the same condition. Below are variations of major depressive disorder that apply to specific situations. Persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia) is depression that last for at least 2 years. The symptoms tend to be milder than those for major depressive disorder (depression).

    Can metoprolol cause depression

    Medications That Can Cause Depression - Corticosteroids., Common Causes of Impotence - Healthline

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    If you have hair loss or balding, a medication you are taking may be to blame. Learn about medications that cause temporary or permanent hair loss. lasix for Abrupt discontinuation of any beta-adrenergic-blocking agent, including metoprolol, can result in the development of myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, ventricular arrhythmias, or severe hypertension, particularly in patients with preexisting cardiac disease. Metoprolol tartrate and metoprolol succinate both carry a boxed warning, the most serious warning from the FDA. The FDA warns that either drug may cause worse chest pain or a heart attack if you.

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